The-O’Dora: Natural Sanitary Napkin

Ladies! Time To Stop Toxic Shock Syndrome and Adore Your Healthy Period With Grace. 

  Key Features:

  • Introduced with Proven Negative Ion Technology
  • Reduces Cramps and Promotes Healthy pH Balance
  • Promotes Hormone Levels & Reduces Length of Cycle
  • Prevents Fibroids, Migraines & Vaginal Irritation
  • Avoid Reproductive Disruption & Prevent Cancers
  • Powerful Shield Against Germs & Bacteria
  • Diminishes Bad Odor & Avoid Mood Swings

These are the best sanitary pads with new and advanced features that efficiently solve your problems and eliminate all your worries. Offered with new and advanced properties which make the product thin yet super-absorbent with a safe polymer that is up to 10 times more absorbent than conventional pads and holds more than 300 times its own weight in liquid. The smooth soft, organic cotton outer layer embraces your skin giving you unparalleled relaxation. The unique ion strip may help to reduce pain and inflammation and may help to eliminate unwanted odors. Which will allow you to have a Healthy period, PERIOD! Adore your healthy periods with grace!

1. Eight Layers of Advanced Protection: The-O’Dora Natural Sanitary Napkins by Miss. Arlene’s is designed with high adaptability and resistance to unfavorable conditions. Structurally designed for greater comfort and reliability for every user. 

2. Smooth Non-Woven Organic Cotton: Made of 100% Cotton that is Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, & Highly Breathable, unlike conventional brands that use Synthetic Petrochemicals. Top Quality Organic Cotton is highly sustainable for the environment and healthy for human interaction by eliminating the use of pesticides and other chemicals. 

3. Nano-Silver & Negative ION Strip: Thin strip with infused negative ions is highly regarded for its essential quality to balance pH and extra shield protection against germs and bacteria. This reduces pH peaks at both extremes and normalizes the irritation and feeling of uneasiness. It also reduces inflammation and prevents the formation of any clots by regulating blood flow and maintaining balanced pH. 

4. Super Absorbent Polymer: The enhanced ability of the superabsorbent polymer layer absorbs up to 10 times more than conventional feminine hygiene products. This allows the user to have greater confidence when wearing because they can trust the higher capacity to absorb for a wide spectrum of users. The super absorbent polymer has a natural ability to contain more liquid and retain it for longer periods of time than standard menstrual products.

5. First Air-Laid Layer: A completely impenetrable barrier to unwanted leaks with advanced added protection layers. This eliminates the need for synthetic binders that are generally added to the air-laid web. A more robust control enables you to have more confidence and a greater ability to perform day-to-day tasks.

6. Second Air Laid Paper Wrap: The Second Air Laid Paper Wrap is a non-woven fabric made of fluff pulp in contrast to the routine wet-laid paper in typical menstrual products. This layer provides an extra ability to absorb and retain enough water with highly favorable properties.

7. Release Paper: Release Paper has an added back adhesive surface that fits closely and efficiently to your body and attaches safely without causing any skin irritation, promoting a smoother feel than conventional padding. Release papers are coated with release agents that facilitate the process with better outcomes. 

8. Wrapping Film: The wrapping film caters to the fully enclosed packaging for greater protection yet is also highly reliable and easy to open. It is user-friendly and protects the inner layers from any infiltration by particles. 

9. Breathable, Moisture Trapping Layer: The challenge with most conventional products is that they don’t offer breathability to the skin with moisture is trapped. The-O’Dora Sanitary Napkins have an edge with their highly advanced moisture trapping mechanism which concurrently provides the skin with a highly breathable environment. 


To play a small part in educating women about how to understand their natural body and how to “Adore a Healthy Period.” We do this by providing women with a natural sanitary napkin that’s recommended for a healthier period. Your period should be just a regular day without any symptoms of feeling uncomfortable or unhealthy and without chemical-free sanitary pads. With The-O’Dora, let’s declare an end to noxious periods by first understanding toxic shock syndrome and how to avoid it. 


Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a life-threatening condition that typically results from bacterial toxins produced by Staphylococcus aureus (staph) or Streptococcus pyogenes (strep) bacteria. TSS can strike women of menstruating age who use unhealthy and unnatural menstrual products. The condition can cause a long list of health issues including DEATH!


Our sanitary napkins are specially designed with the strictest hygienic standards to help stop symptoms of TSS by using natural, organic materials recommended by FDA guidelines.



– Diminish Odor
– Gain pH Balance
– Increase Hormone Levels
– Reduce Length of Cycle

– Lessen or Eliminate Cramps
– Shield Against Germs & Bacteria
– Prevent Fibroids
– Prevent Migraines

– Prevent Vaginal Irritation
– Prevent Various Cancers
– Avoid Reproductive Disruption
– Avoid Mood Swings


DISCLAIMER: The-O’Dora natural sanitary napkin is provided without any guarantees. Miss. Arlene’s is not responsible for any of the qualities mentioned about the product and makes no assurances of any kind. Miss. Arlene’s DOES NOT make any medically upheld claims about this product. Positive use of this product varies according to the user’s menstrual health and other medical factors. The use of this product is at the user’s risk.

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