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The-O’Dora Natural Sanitary Napkin


Size: 7 (155mm) Liners* 7 (245mm) Days*7 (290mm) Nights*7 (330mm) Over Nighs-Plus 7 Feminine Wipes!

The-O’Dora Natural Sanitary Napkins! Ladies! Time To Stop Toxic Shock Syndrome And Adore Your Healthy Period With Grace.

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Key Features:

  • Made with Proven Negative Ion Technology
  • Reduces Cramps and Promotes a Healthy pH Balance
  • Promotes Balanced Hormone Levels & Reduces Length of Cycle
  • Prevents Fibroids, Migraines, & Vaginal Irritation
  • Protects Against Reproductive Disruption & Prevents Cancers
  • Powerfully Shields Against Germs & Bacteria
  • Diminishes Bad Odor & Mitigates Mood Swings
  • 8 Layers of Advanced Protection: The-O’Dora Natural Sanitary Napkins by Miss. Arlene’s enterprise are designed with leak protection, comfort, and optimum health in mind.

Smooth, Non-Woven Organic Cotton: Made of 100% cotton that is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and highly breathable—unlike conventional brands that use synthetic petrochemicals. Top-quality organic cotton that is environmentally sustainable and suitable for human use due to the elimination of pesticides and other chemicals.

Nanosilver & Negative Ion Strip: A thin strip infused with negative ions that are highly regarded for their ability to balance pH and provide extra protection against germs and bacteria. This reduces pH peaks at both ends of the spectrum and lessens feelings of uneasiness. It also reduces inflammation and prevents the formation of clots by regulating blood flow and maintaining a balanced pH.

Superabsorbent Polymer: Enhanced superabsorbent polymer layer absorbs up to 10 times more than conventional feminine hygiene products. This allows for more confident use due to enhanced leak protection. Superabsorbent polymer has a natural ability to absorb more liquid and retain it for longer periods of time.

First Air-Laid Layer: An impenetrable barrier to unwanted leaks with added layers for advanced protection. Eliminates the need for synthetic binders that are typically added to the air-laid web. More robust control enables you to have more confidence and ability to perform day-to-day tasks.

Second Air-Laid Paper Wrap: The second air-laid paper wrap is a non-woven fabric made of fluff pulp, in contrast to the typical wet-laid paper. This layer is made of quality materials and provides enhanced ability to absorb and retain liquid.

Release Paper: Release paper has an additional adhesive surface on the back that allows for a secure fit in your underwear, preventing the pad from rolling up on the sides and sticking to your skin.

Wrapping Film: The easy-to-open wrapping film encases the pad to protect the inner layers from the infiltration of particles.

Breathable, Moisture-Trapping Layer: The challenge with most conventional products is that they don’t allow the skin to breathe while trapping moisture. The-O’Dora Sanitary Napkins have an edge with their advanced moisture-trapping layer that provides optimal absorption while still allowing for enhanced breathability to promote healthy skin.

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