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The-O’Dora: Natural Sanitary Napkin

Ladies! Time To Stop Toxic Shock Syndrome and Adore Your Healthy Period With Grace.    Key Features: These are the best sanitary pads with new and advanced features that efficiently solve your problems and eliminate all your worries. Offered with new and advanced properties which make the product thin yet super-absorbent with a safe polymer that […]

The-O’Dora: All Natural Sanitary Napkin to Enjoy Healthy Periods!

The-O’Dora: All Natural Sanitary Napkin by Miss Arlene’s is the perfect solution for enjoying healthy periods! It is designed with Proven Negative Ion Technology to reduce cramps and promote a healthy pH balance. This revolutionary sanitary napkin also helps to maintain hormone levels, reduces cycle length, prevents fibroids, migraines and vaginal irritation, and offers protection […]