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My new and healthy natural sanitary napkins are made and designed with my late loving mother in mind. My mother, Theodora [Tee] was one of those mothers whom each month nurtured me back to health when I was on my period. She took great care of me during those extremely stressful and painful times of my monthly cycle. My painful journey started when I was just nine years of age. My menstrual cycle for me was extremely tough as I suffered severely from cramps, headache, severe chills, excessive vomiting and diarrhea, and above all; intense heavy bleeding. Every month and cycle felt like it almost took my life away from me and I felt like I would die. Little did I know my mother was my best therapist and nurse and she used her magical powers to comfort me and bring me back to life with her amazing herbal hot tea, painkillers, heating pads, and unlimited love, care, and hugs. She was always there to wipe my tears away from the age of 9 till 39.

After the many doctors’ visits, at which each doctor told us to do exactly what my mother was already doing with the hot tea and heating pad, they would write me a prescription for 800mgs of ibuprofen, which would consistently knock me out and mean I couldn’t go to school. For years we just assumed that maybe all these symptoms were normal. We always thought it was my body causing me so much pain and distress, but it was all a lie.There were some other facts on menstrual cycles: it was actually the poisonous chemicals used in the materials of the traditional pads which were poisoning my body and causing me dreadful pain and turmoil.

It was not until a few years ago that I learned something shocking. I came across a news article about other women like me with the same problems, which explored how they stopped the madness and learned to have a healthy period. ” The Solution? Naturally made pads!” I learn that the pads I was using were made from absorbent material like wood pulp which was bleached with chlorine and degraded waste material. I was astonished when I learned that all of this could cause “Toxic Shock Syndrome”! I kept researching and I found the perfect natural pads for me. I can honestly say these natural pads saved my LIFE! After just a few months of use, I had to tell every woman I know about the wonders of these premium natural sanitary pads. I loved them so much I even started selling them in my store. Unfortunately, I was told that they are no longer available, and, I must say, my customers and I were heartbroken and left wondering what to do now. I decided that I needed to find a manufacturer to design and make this product for my customers and me to continue to enjoy our monthly experience of health. There was no way we were going back to the pain and turmoil of traditional chemical pads. I knew there was nothing like this on the U.S. market and I had to take this initiative and create my own brand of natural feminine pads, these healthy sanity napkins; it brings me great joy to share my story and my product with other women around the world so they can all experience healthy periods without any pain.

Now that my mother is not physically present to celebrate this joy with me, I know her spirit is always around me and guiding me to do the right thing. I would like to dedicate this product to her. I strongly advise all women who face severe pain and want to get rid of it forever to try out our new natural healthy sanitary napkins. Chemical-free sanitary napkins will allow you to have a healthy and happy period.

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