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Raw Cocoa Butter | Raw Beauty Grade


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Traditional African Unrefined Butter Rock Hard Pure!


Key Features:

  • The Best Anti-Bacterial Butter
  • Anti-Aging As It Increases Skin Elasticity
  • Best Moisturizer With Hydrating Properties
  • Repair Discolored Skin
  • Antioxidants That Stops Cancer Development

Description: Raw African Cocoa Butter is a pure vegetable fat extracted from handpicked cocoa beans and processed without any chemicals. Our Raw Cocoa Butter is 100% pure for the ultimate skin care and protection. Premium, unrefined, and no additives.

Anti-Inflammatory: Raw Cocoa Butter also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is ideal for reducing stretch marks and scars: regular use of Raw Cocoa Butter can keep stretch marks at bay both during and after pregnancy.

Nourishment: It has a unique scent and nourishing elements that give you a radiant glow. You can use it to reduce skin irritation and inflammation as well as to provide protection from sun damage. It is rich in natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids that aid in wrinkle reduction. Whether you use it as a lip balm, skin moisturizer, massage oil, or makeup remover, it leaves your skin rejuvenated and hydrated. Our Raw Cocoa Butter stimulates cell growth, repairs damaged skin, and has anti-aging properties.

Elegance: It repairs all kinds of tissue damage and gives your skin a smooth, beautiful texture. You can apply Raw Cocoa Butter to your skin once or multiple times per day. Using Raw Cocoa Butter may improve the overall health and appearance of the skin on your face. It will keep your skin looking healthy by providing it with moisture, enhanced elasticity, and protection from the sun.

All-Natural: It is the best natural alternative to your skin care products that are filled with chemicals. All of the ingredients in our Raw Cocoa Butter are beneficial for your skin. Sometimes called theobroma oil, it is a natural, meltable oil that is extracted from the cocoa bean.

Healthy: All of the ingredients in our Cocoa Butter that seep into your pores promote healthy skin. Raw Unrefined Cocoa Butter is superior to Cocoa Butter because it hasn’t been treated with high heat, which destroys vital nutrients. Raw Cocoa Butter is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and essential fatty acids, which could have a positive effect on immune function.


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