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Black Seed Soap | Halal & Natural


  • Halal – Free from Alcohol
  • Natural Skin Healing Soap
  • 100% Natural Vegetable Based
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti – Inflammatory
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Worried About Your Skin Problems And Want An All In One Solution? We Have Got You Covered With An Extra Ordinary Solution To Your Worries! Black Seed Soap Bar | Halal & Natural

Raw Seeds Black Seed Soap a powerful skin healing soap that help maintain healthy nourishing and radiant skin. This amazing soap will help you protect and heal your skin from most skin irritations. This bar of amazing soap is infused with Raw Whole Black Seeds great granular substance for exceptional skin exfoliation.

Black Seed Soap Features

  • Skin Nourishment For All Skin Types
  • Halal – Free from Alcohol
  • 100% Natural Vegetable Based
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti – Inflammatory
  • Natural Skin Healing Soap
  • Prevents Breakouts & Eliminate Skin Irritations

Nourishment: Black Seed Soap nourishes your skin with its healing power and enhances the texture by moisturizing your skin and restores a youthful glow thus improves your looks and increases confidence. It can be added as an essential element of your daily skin care routine.

Halal and Natural: Black Seed Soap is made of all natural ingredients that are safe and recommended for human skin nourishment. It is free of any alcohol which is why it can be classified as halal.

All Skin Types: This is a multi-purpose soap that restores natural glow without any chemical treatment hence it can be used for all skin types whether you have a dry skin, oily skin or a normal one. It makes your skin smooth and lovely by preventing acne and eczema breakouts. It can be used as face soap, hand soap bar, bath soap etc.

Anti-Bacterial: The natural formula of soap has antibacterial properties that kills any harmful bacteria on your skin thus reducing the likelihood of acne and dark spots and in turn reduces any underlying inflammation which helps you maintain a healthy skin. This soap can effectively kill skin bacteria’s and reduce and relieve inflammation, irritations and itching.

Ingredients: This all natural and effective formula include skin healing and nourishing ingredients like Sodium Palm Kernelate, Black Seed Oil, Raw Black Seeds, Natural Essential Perfume Oils, EDTA. The soap is also free of any harmful chemicals making it safe at all measures.


NET WT. 3.5 OZ. Bar

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