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Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub

Time To Get Rid Of Dead Skin

Time To Feel What Your New Skin Should Feel Like!



Key Features:
100% Natural Body Scrub
Refreshing and Cooling for Relaxation
High-Quality Natural Essential Oils
Skin Detoxification            

    Description: Soften your skin with Eucalyptus sugar scrub soothes, softens, and protects your skin from seasonal changes and promotes healthy tissue growth. In addition to the cosmetic effects, its therapeutic-grade ingredients will improve the health of your skin.

    Deep Cleansing: Its agents seep deep into the layers of skin to exfoliate, resulting in deeper cleansing and restoring the natural glow of your skin. It refreshes the skin and also reduces irritation and inflammation.

    Essential Oil: It has antibiotic and deodorizing properties. Furthermore, its cooling and energizing effects provide relief for ailing joints and improve blood circulation in the body. Eucalyptus extracts with essential oils help to maintain your skin health. Using this scrub, you will avoid unnecessary dryness since it acts as a natural moisturizer, hydrating the deeper layers of your skin.

    Elegance: It repairs all kinds of tissue damage and brings out your skin’s original elegance and silky texture, thanks to its highly effective ingredients. This can be a fabulous addition to your skin care routine for the long term.

    All-Natural: It is the best natural alternative to your chemical formulas. It is skin friendly and helps you maintain good skin health.

    Ingredients: Its main natural ingredients include high-quality natural essential oils with a distinctive blend of fine eucalyptus sugar for a full-body skin detox. 

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